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We strive to be the company that when you take into consideration the price, the product and our track record, you will find great value. We have competitive pricing with Costco, The Home Depot and Lowes. We want you to be so comfortable with us that you will want to refer us to your neighbors, friends and family. As several vendors in our industry have shut their doors, we are still teamed up with the leading manufactures who are financial stable. At this time we do have a $225.00 minimum job order. Hope you will be one of our customers!


Licensed Contractor 826185, Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation and Bonded - All for your protection!

History of South County Window Coverings

Years ago, my father asked me to help him install an awning that was 92' feet wide with a 15' foot projection that was 32' feet high at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Hotel in Dana Point, CA (This awning was removed during the 2010 remodel). Since I performed many other awning installations, I was not concerned about this big project. As I started up the commercial ladder, I thought "this is no problem," but when I reached the three quarter mark my legs started shaking and my heart was beating faster. Since the project was on a time constraint and the big wigs were coming to town, there was no time for whining. We met our goal and as we were walking out the back door, the big wigs of Marriott were walking in the front door. After that job, every job seemed so close to the ground. Today, this awning is still hanging over the Laguna Pool at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott. This was my initiation into the contracting business. I worked with my father for several more years and then left for college.

I attended the University of Redlands and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. At the University of Redlands I was a member of the tennis team in which we were ranked top ten in the nation all the years I played. My last tennis season at Redlands, I finished as an All-American and ended up with a ranking of number 5 in nation in doubles. My goal was to be number one in the nation, but we had a tough opponent in the semi-finals of the National Doubles Tournament at Emery University in Georgia.

After college, I worked as an insurance agent for a couple of years and soon realized that was not the direction I had an interest. During that time, I continued to work part-time with my father's awning and window covering company and realized that I had a passion for the home improvement field. Since my father's company sold and installed interior window coverings along with awnings, I eventually took over the window covering side of the business before I got my own contractor's license and went off on my own.

After visiting several thousand houses from condos to the 10,000 square foot estates, I heard what homeowners really thought of contractors and all the bad experiences they had when dealing with them. I immediately thought I could be different! Of course not all their experiences were bad, but I was very shocked with the high percentage that were dissatisfied and would not recommend their contractors. At this point, my vision was to build a business where I would create great experiences for homeowners that would confidently refer South County Window Coverings to all of their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Today, South County focuses on providing customers with carefully picked high quality products and educating customers online so they can make the right choices when buying window coverings and retractable screen doors. South County strives to truly give the customer a great experience so they will be our customers for life.

Interview with the owner of South County Window Coverings

What do like most about running a window covering business?

Knowing that we are installing quality products in customer's homes and seeing them smile and get excited about what we did for them. That makes me sleep very well at night.

What do you do for a hobby or fun?

I really enjoy surfing. There is nothing like getting down to the beach at 5:30am for the sunrise with a cup of fresh coffee and then jumping in the water to surf. I also like mountain biking. I still play a little tennis, but honestly I am burned out right now. Maybe someday I will get the burning desire to pick up a racquet again.

How do you view your competition?

The big guys really don't scare me because we can compete with them on price, service and window covering experience. In fact, I find that people I speak to about their experience with the big home stores are typically really bad. There are just too many people to deal with when you order window coverings from a home store. In addition, that is when mistakes can happen. More than half our new business is repeat customers or referrals from our current customers. Big does not mean better pricing. We can be competitive with any company in Orange County.

Do you get a lot of referrals or repeat business?

I love referrals! It means that we satified someone to point where they had enough confidence in us to recommend us to someone. More than half our new business comes from referrals/repeat business so I think that tells us that we satisfied our customers and they had the confidence to refer us to their friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

How do you think contractors should run their business?

There are so many sloppy contractors out there that it is mind boggling. It only takes one reason for someone to never use you again and it usually takes 2-3 reasons for someone to do business with you. I set appointments at a specific time and not a 2-hour window. I usually laugh when I show up on time and the person says "Wow, your on time." That gives me an idea of the what is going on in the industry. If I am going to be late I will call about 20 minutes before and let the customer know. The bottom line is that I treat customers like I would want to be treated.

What do you think about window covering products made in China versus the United States?

I am all about supporting the American economy. Almost all the manufactures I work with are owned by Hunter Douglas which half their products are made right here in America. Some window covering products made in China, especially the copies of Hunter Douglas innovations like their Silhouette-Luminette-Duette products, are not made as well and usually last a quarter of the time of a quality made Hunter Douglas Shade. Our Clear View Retractable Screen Doors are fully made in America and our Closet Doors are also made in America.
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