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Yelp Review by Tommy L. San Clemente 12/20/12

Just had plantation shutters with matching crown installed in our home. We are on the coast and forgot we had such amazing view !! We are thrilled with the quality, price and the quick clean install!!


Advantages of Plantation Shutters versus Blinds

1. Shutters last 20 years and blinds usually start having issues around 10 years

2. Shutters block more light due to less light gaps between louvers

3. Shutters are more sound prove due to thicker louvers

4. Shutters are more energy efficient due to higher R-Values

5. Shutters are Child Safe with no cords to worry about

6. Shutters are secured firmly to the wall and will not move around

7. Shutters come with Decorative Frames to enhance aesthetics of window

Yelp Review 12-6-12 by Christa S. - Mission Viejo

We installed huge, custom, double slider plantation shutters in our playroom this year and we are so happy with the quality and appearance. We had spent years trying to figure out what the best look would be since the windows were so large and such an awkward shape. The plantation shutters literally transformed the room. Steen, the owner, was a pleasure to work with. He was always on time and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We cannot wait to start getting shutters installed on the rest of our windows! We highly recommend South County Window Coverings.

10 Great reasons why our Poly Shutters are the best on the market!

1. Polypropylene and ABS Poly Foam are extremely durable to UV sun damage, mold proof, more scratch resistant and chemical resistant. Polypropylene and ABS Poly Foam are used in several industries for it's durability, flexibility and longevity.

2. No SCREW HOLES to Patch - they are hidden by the design of the frame

3. 10 Different Frame Choices - Decorative Crown frames to a simple look

4. 2-Piece louver pin so shutters never loose tension - One of a few shutter manufactures that used this system

5. Over lapping piece to close light gaps where shutters come together

6. Support piece on each panel to release pressure on hinges - no sagging

7. Strong Mortise and Tenon construction - This shutter will open and close like a real wood shutter - no cracking and bending of panel

8. Invisible Tilt - Geared tilt that is completely hidden in the styles of the shutter panel

9. Hidden Magnets that will not crack because they have no plastic parts that are going to be exposed to the sun

10. Stainless Steel Fasteners

How important is the Installation?

It is no secret that the construction of homes are not perfect which increases the difficulty of professionally installing a shutter: Uneven drywall, out of square windows, sills that bow: These are just a few of the problems that you cannot see, but when installing a shutter can make a tremendous difference for the aesthetics, function and longevity of the shutter. A list below is why our installations are the best.

We use Shims - The drywall is rarely even so when you screw the top and sides to the wall you cannot drive the screw in carelessly because you will tweak the frame and the shutter panel will not shutter evenly. So by shimming where needed allows the shutter frame to remain straight.

No Screw Holes to patch - Our screws are covered up with a fill strip so there is no patching holes like most companies do.

We caulk the sides - Caulking the sides of the shutter frame is very important for the finished look of the shutter. Especially if the drywall is uneven. This process helps hide the uneven drywall. Most companies will not do this because they can install more shutters in less time.

Clean 45 Degree Corners - Our corners are flawless. A poorly finished corner on a shutter looks horrible. Careless work would have large gaps, frames don't meet evenly in the corners, using nail gun to attach sides and nail gun punctures a hole by the corner and needs patching.

Why Woodlore or Woodlore Plus?

Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality can provide long-term value and help increase your home's appreciation. This requires the finest materials, handcrafting processes, advanced technology and quality control systems used to create Woodlore Shutters. Among the many advantages Woodlore Shutters provide are:

  • appeal of wood without the expense
  • Many Crown Frames that add decorative molding to adorned windows
  • UV - inhibiting finishes resist staining, fading and yellowing
  • patented polypropylene coating resists denting
  • withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Farenheit compared to 120 degrees Farenheit for many synthetic products
  • resistance to sagging, shrinking and swelling to ensure tight shutter closure
  • authentic custom handcrafting without pre-fabrication and short-cuts
  • hidden recessed magnets for a streamlined appearance
  • solid core with furniture-quality hadcrafting
  • structurally superior mortise and tenon joints

Windows and Door above are featured with hidden tilt bar

With crisp and clean colors, Woodlore® Shutters offer endless decorating possibilities- the perfect shutter expressino is up to you. Mix and match panel colors and frame designs to complete your decor with a style all your own. You can make any window look amazing- enver out-of-square windows and patio doors.

  • Silk White
  • Pearl
  • Bisque
  • 1-7/8", 2-1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2"
  • Smooth

Normandy Stained Fine Wood Shutters

Normandy® offers discriminating homeowners a solid custom hardwood shutter at an affordable price. Enhanced with more style and color options, the world of shutter design and customization just got bigger, better and more beautiful!

Dress your windows in color

Color breathes life into your home, it allows a room to glow, purr or sizzle. Shouldn't your shutters do the same? With design in mind, we've expanded our color palette to include 16 rich and earthy stains and 8 purely chic paints. This grants every design trendsetter the ability to choose just the right hue to complement and decor.

Style beyond square and rectangle

All windows are not created equal. Normandy is now available in a collection of specialty shapes including arches, sunbursts, and French door cutouts. Our specialty shutter can be crafted with operable loubers and panels that open for easy access to windows. Every window in your home an be perfectly fitted with a Normandy Shutter.

More is better- larger louvers result in a less obstructed view when the shutter is open. We've added a 4 1/2" louver that appeals to those who crave a room with a view and privacy too.

Normandy for a lifetime

At Norman Shutters, we're committed to providing worry-ree product performance. To ensure your total satisfaction, all Norman Shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Normandy by Norman Shutter. Value unmatched in the shutter industry.

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