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Kathy Ireland Faux Wood Blinds

Product Description: Faux wood blinds are fashionable, yet economical alternative to real wood blinds. There durable material won't scratch, chip or fade and as such, they are great for high moistures areas including kitchens, saunas, bathrooms and are an excellent choice for humid climates. Best of all, they are easy to maintain and clean.
Upgrades Available: We offer over 60 solid and decorative tape (instead of strings holding the slats in place) choices to add fashionable accent to your faux wood blinds. Since the cloth tape covers the routing holes, a side benefit is better light control and more privacy.
Advantage: Rises 30% easier than other companies - Comes with Decorative Crown Valance, cost effective, easy to clean and resistant to moisture
Disadvantage: Large stack when shade is up and heavy to pull up on large windows.
Suggestion: Use cords to tilt the slats instead of wands. Wands break often and cord tilts will not cost extra.

Kathy Ireland Woven Woods or Bamboo Shades

Product Description: Our woven wood shades have a distinct personality all their own. Their natural material combinations of bamboo, ratton, jutes, grasses, and woods offer a unique appeal that offers warmth and comfort to a room's decor.
Upgrades Available: New: Lining can now be operated separate from the bamboo material. Bamboo shades can be lined with a privacy liner or blackout liner or no liner to make them fully see through. Top Down/Bottom Up option is available and a great choice for when you want to have an unabstructed view through the top the shade and privacy from the middle of the window down. The Top Down/Bottom Up option is the most versitle for controling light, privacy and style.
Material Choices: We offer over 100 choices of bamboo shade materials which range from very light in color to dark tones.
Advantage: Very popular and brings natural beauty into your home
Disadvantage: Shade has around a 8" stack when raised up on a typical window that is 60" in height
Suggestion: Mount shade outside so the stack will not matter as much, and it makes for a more finished look. Also order with continuous cords for doors so the pull strings will not rest on the floor when shade is in up position.

Kathy Ireland Honeycomb Shades

Product Description: From traditional to contemporary, honeycomb shades are one of today's most versatile and fashionable window coverings. The unique cellular construction provides excellent insulation, which helps reduce your heating and cooling bills, as well as sound absorption that makes your surroundings more private, quieter and more comfortable. They're made of 100% polyester fabric, they're stain resistant, washable and wrinkle-resistant - the ultimate in easy care for families. Honeycomb shades can be used in standard windows to arches, angles, special shapes and skylights.
Color Choices: Colors include over 160 options from white, neutrals, pastels, to jewel tones and exclusive prints.
Pleat Sizes: 3/8", 3/4", 1/2" in cellular pleat or double honeycomb pleat. All pleat sizes are available in room darkening and light filtering fabrics.
Upgrade Options: Top Down/Bottom Up, Top Down Only, Cordless Operation, Continuous Cord Operation so you will not have any dangling cords.
Advantage: Very energy efficient shade. Simple shade that stacks up tight to top of window for great viewing when shade is up.
Disadvantage: No valance and cannot see through when in down position.
Suggestion: Blackout option for cellular shade makes rooms the darkest out of all shades. Pay a little more for Continuous Cord System due to the durability and you will have no cords on the ground when shade is pulled up.

Kathy Ireland Plantation Shutters

Advantage: Poly Shutters are great for high moisture areas. Wood shutters can have a single panel up to 39" wide so you can have more viewing area out of a window. Poly shutters are heavier than wood shutters and have to have 2 panels for windows more than 28" wide.
Disadvantage: Furniture can get in the way when opening shutters. Large windows may have a T-post which can interfere with your total viewing area of the window.
Suggestion: Don't be afraid of a wood shutter because a well made wood shutter will last a long time. Poly shutters are great for bathrooms.

Kathy Ireland Roller Shades and Drop Screens

Product Description: Roller shades are the perfect combination of prticality and style. Their beauty is in their simplicity. Many styles are available in an array of today's most fashion forward colors, designs and textures. A variety of light controlling fabrics are available from light filtering to room darkening. All styles increase energy efficiency and protect furnishings from the sun's harmful rays.
Material Choices: Over 100 Materials: Light filtering material, Room Darkening Material, Screen material - 3% to 10% openness factor for light/UV control, 2-Ply and 3-Ply Mylar transparent material, Cotton/Polyester combinations with prints.
Upgrade Options: Spring roll operation which eliminates cords completely, Fabric covered headrail and different decorative bottom cuts to increase style.
Advantage: Excellent energy efficient shade. A great solution for blocking the sun and not the view. Also great for sliding glass doors.
Disadvantage: No valance to cover roller tube and windows wider or longer than 84" or 96", depending on material widths, will have a vertical seam.
Suggestion: The darker the screen material, the easier it is to see through the screen. There are different openess patterns (holes in material) so make sure you put the material up to the window it will hang in to determine the proper blockage.

Kathy Ireland Vertical Blinds

Product Description: With hundreds of styles to choose from, our verticals transcend the ordinary because they are distinctive, classic and long lasting. Our selections include fashionable smooth and textured vinyls, as well as fabrics ranging from basic non-wovens to decorative weaves and jacquards. Clear magic insert groovers are available with our fabric styles to provide privacy and light control at the same time.
Advantage: Vertical blinds are a great solution for sliding glass doors, very wide windows and they are easy to clean.
Disadvantage: May blow around in the wind if door or windows are open.
Suggestion: Order the vertical blinds with Decorative Crown Valances to hide the headrail and add style to the window.
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