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South County Window Coverings is the #1 ShowCase Dealer in South Orange County for Hunter Douglas. Only 5% of all dealers in the United States are Showcase dealers. When you purchase from South County, you will have the best value in all of Orange County. We have ordered millions of dollars in window coverings and have well under a quarter percent mistake rate. Hunter Douglas is the only company that tests its products for three years in the marketplace to ensure each window covering design is the highest quality engineered product. Did you know? Since 1992, Hunter Douglas has covered more than 100,000 windows in over 20,000 Habitat For Humanity homes across the U.S. and Canada.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shade Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers® Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Duette® Shade

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Alouette® Lightlouvers

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shade

$50.00 rebate per Silhouette® Shade until June 13, 2014

Hunter Douglas invented the Silhouette Shade it has been America's favorite every since. If you're looking to control the amount of light entering into a room, Silhouette® window shadings offer the perfect solution. Silhouette is made of two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them to allow for maximum flexibility. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved and your home's natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow you privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette window shadings create. Silhouette shadings are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and 2", 3" and 4" vane sizes. Silhouette Shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

What's New in 2014? 3 exciting new enhancements on the Silhouette® Shade! The New Silhouette® A Deux® allows a separate roller shade room darkening backing that is behind the regualar Silhouette® shade. This new feature enhances the room darkening effect better than before because now you are not getting seaping light between each vane. Both the Silhouette® and the roller shade can be motorized or you can choose the coreless option for the roller in the back. The second new feature is the Silhouette® Click and Walk Away UltraGlide® feature which allows you to pull the childsafe cord inward and the Silhouette® Shade will fully lower and fully open the vanes as you walk away. The third enhancement feature is the new 2 on 1 headrail LiteRise® (cordless). Before you could not have 2 Silhouette® Shades on 1 headrail and also have them cordless. New Fabrics for 2014! Mystere-Heavy horizontal textured vane with a colored face sheer. Monaco-Cross textured vanes with a colored face sheer.
UV Protection Silhouette® provides 99% Protection when the vanes are closed and 88% when the vanes are fully opened. Perfect for protecting your floors, funiture and artwork.
Window types a Silhouette® Shade can cover? Rectangular window, sliding glass doors, French Doors, Trapezoids, Arched Windows
Year Introduced 1991
Skus Offered 220
Awards Received 2009 Best New Technical Innovation - 17, including Industrial Design Excellence Award cosponsored by Buisness Week magazing and the Industrial Designers Society of America
Patents Granted 18

The Silhouette Success Story

  • Offers up to 88% ultraviolet protection when the vanes are open
  • 99% UV protection when the vanes are closed
  • Three dynamic vane sizes
  • With the Ultraglide® lifting system, Silhouette shading provide enhanced child and pet safety
  • Ten specialty shapes available in two- and three- inch vane sizes
  • Tilt-Only Low-Profile hardware
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up with TiltAnywhere™
  • Power motorization with Platinum™ Technology

Did you know?

Silhouette window shadings apppeared in the movie Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks in 1993.

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Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers®

$100 rebate per Luminette Privacy Sheers® until June 13, 2014

Hunter Douglas invented the Luminette Privacy Sheers and it has been a soft, elegant and durable solution for many years. Luminette Privacy Sheers offer 180 degrees of light control. The sheer fabric lets the light in, and the soft fabric vanes keep the light out. Radiant light, the beauty of classic sheers and the privacy of fabric draperies. Luminette sheers-your modern Hunter Douglas drapery. Luminette Privacy Sheers are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Window types a Luminette Privacy Sheers® can cover? Rectangular window, sliding glass doors, Large Windows
UV Protection Luminette Privacy Sheers® provides 95% to 99% Protection. Perfect for protecting your floors, funiture and artwork.
What's NEW? The New Quintette® 4 3/4" Vane Size (Normally 3 1/2") opens view up to 50% more.
Year Introduced 1997
Skus Offered 84 fabric/color combinations
Awards Received 2009 Best Enhancement of existing product honorable mention for Motorizing this product - 9, including 1997 WCMA- Most Innovative Overall Design
  • Two vane sizes: Quintette 4 3/4" vane size and Classic 3 1/2" vane size
  • New fabrics for 2007: Portico, a screen-like open weave, exclusive to the Quintette vane; Angelica Luxe, for the Classic vane, features printed vanes and increased color intensity
  • Room-darkening option for every fabric and color
  • New Mushroom Sparkle hardware color complements deeper toned fabrics
  • Manual operating systems: Combination Wand/Cord and Traveling Wand™
  • PowerGlide® with Platinum™ Technology
  • Counterparts® program with Silhouette® window shading and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
  • Accents by the Yard ™ cut yardage

Did you know?

The Tv sitcom Ed featured a variety of Hunter Douglas products, including Luminette Privacy Sheers.

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Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Duette shade

Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Duette® Shade

$25.00 rebate per Honeycomb Duette® Shades until June 13, 2014

$100.00 rebate per Honeycomb Duette® Vertiglide Shades until June 13, 2014

Hunter Douglas has been in the honeycomb business longer than any other company and they are the best. Why? One main reason is that they manufacture their own glue and can warranty the glue as long as you own the shade. Material separating from each other is called delamination and that is specifically mentioned in the warranty. The original honeycomb shade is the perfect solution for any light control, privacy, sound absorption and energy-efficiency needs. Duette® shades offer a wide variety of sheer to opaque fabrics in single, double, tripe and Architella™ honeycomb constructions, with an extensive array of colors, fabrics, specialty shapes and optional PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology, LiteRise® or UltraGlide® operating systems. Duette Honeycomb Shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Window types a Honeycomb Duette® Shade can cover? Vertiglide® is excellent for covering a sliding glass door or large window - Architella® is one of the most energy efficient shade on the market which works great for Rectangular window, sliding glass doors, Arched windows, Trapezoids, Circles, Angles, Bay and Corner Windows - LiteRise® and UltraGlide® Top Down/Bottom Up are excellent for any retangular window that you want privacy from the middle of the window down and want to have a clear view out from the middle up.
UV Protection Honeycomb Duette® Shade provides 90% to 99% Protection. Perfect for protecting your floors, funiture and artwork.
What's NEW? Create a softer look - New fabric covered headrails
Year Introduced 1985
Skus Offered 407
Awards Received 2009 Best Energy Efficient Product for Duette® Honeycomb Architella® Shades - Green Catagory, 2009 Best New Style Concept Award- 29, including Industrial Design Excellence Award cosponsred by Buisness Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America
  • Four opacities for superior light control
  • Single, double, triple and Architella honeycomb contruction options
  • Architella honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb fabrics feature a patanted construction that dramatically increases R-values by up to 38%
  • Design options for added light control
  • Exclusive operating systems such as PowerRise with Platinum Technology, UltraGlide and LiteRise with the new fabric-covered valance
  • Multitude of textures, finishes and effects

Did you know?

If all the Duette shades sold since 1985 were divided among the entire population of the United States, approximately one in nine residents would own a Duette shade.

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Skyline Gliding Window Panels®

$100 rebate per Skyline Gliding Window Panels® until June 13, 2014

Hunter Douglas invented the Skyline Gliding Panel Shade a few years ago. Skyline Gliding Window Pandels® are an evolution in light and style. The advanced product design, distinctive fabrics, patented hardware system and multiple privacy levels take panel track systems to the next level. The sleek styling of Skyline window panels offer a modern approach to dressing even the largest of windows, lending drama to any decor. Skyline Gliding Window Panels are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Year Introduced 2007
Skus Offered 185
Awards Received

2009 Best Enhancement of existing product honorable mention for Motorizing this product

Best New Sampling Program

  • Patented dual channel, single interlocking track system maintains a constant 2 1/2" track depth; allows for widths up to 384"
  • Two panel widths, 11 1/2" and 17", provide uniformity within a room
  • Innovative bottom weight hanging system provides stability and eliminates tangling when traversed
  • Unique fabric hanging system provides a tailored finish
  • Custom-colored hardware is available in eight designer finishes to coordinate with the fabric in the collection
  • Left, right and split stack available

Did you know?

The panel track actually began in Japan as a shoji screen. skyline window panels work beautifully as a room divider, too.

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Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade

Newest Innovation: The Pirouette® Window Shade

$50.00 rebate per Pirouette® Window Shade until June 13, 2014

Hunter Douglas invented the Pirouette Shade a few years ago and this window shade made people say WOW. The next generation of window fashions, The Pirouette® is a soft-fabric modern day roman shade window covering that gives you the option of opening the fabric folds when the shade is down for a clear view out of the window. The picture above demonstrates the closed look on the left sliding glass doors and the open look on the right sliding glass doors. Pirouette Shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Advantage: The first Roman Shade on the market to allow you to open the fabric folds while the shade is down. Most roman shade have to be in the fully up position to see through the window. The Pirouette® also have the adavantage of completely rolling up into the headrail that is only 3" long so you can have a full view out the window when you want.
Disadvantage: Corners windows are tuff do to the fabric folds extend out and can touch each other.

Excellent choice for windows that require a soft look but need the versatility of opening the shade while in any position.


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Hunter Douglas Everwood blinds for sale


Alternative Wood Blinds - EverWood®

The look of wood. The feel of perfection. The EverWood® Collection offers the look and feel of wood in blinds that can withstand the elements. Our exclusive material is specially engineered, so whether they have been owned for seven days or seven years, these blinds will always look beautiful. We guarantee it. Alternative Wood Blinds are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Year Introduced 1998
Skus Offered

26 EverWood

20 EverWood X-tra

13 WoodMates ®

Awards Received

2002 WCMA Best New Style Concept, Wood Blinds and Shadings- TruGrain Finish

  • Exclusively formulated material
  • Tested to withstand excessive sun, heat and humidity
  • Features wide tape spacing for a cleaner view
  • Industry-exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Available with TruGrain® , the most realistic stain finish in alternative wood
  • Options include LiteRise® , PowerTilt™ with Platinum™ Technology, deLight™ feature, valance upgrades and decorative tapes

Did you know?

Each year, over 100 million feet of slat is produced to go into EverWood collection blinds.

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Country Woods Genuine Wood blinds by Hunter Douglas

Country Woods® Genuine Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas is a leader in manufacturing real wood blinds with their quality painting and staining technique that will stand up to harsh UV rays. Make a statement with the beauty of real wood. Each Country Woods® wood blind is a splendid, unique work of nature. Crafted from the finest hardwoods and finished with the Topshield™ II finish, our exclusive coating for greater durability. Country Woods blinds are ideal for homeowners upgrading and looking to make a wise investment. Country Wood Blinds are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
Year Introduced 1986
Skus Offered

46 colors; 92 SKUS

Awards Received

2004 Product Innovation Award- Best New Style Concept for Enhancements

  • TopShield II finishing proces for ultimate protection
  • Unsurpassed quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Appearance and performance of each blind exceeds the highest expectations
  • Four slat sizes (1", 1 3/8", 2", and 2 5/8") offer options for covering different window sizes
  • Three valance styles to complement decor
  • Wide array of colors and patterns in decorative tapes
  • Extensive array of finishes in four wood species: Basswood, Oak, Cherry and Pine

Did you know?

Country Woods wood blinds and EverWood®Collection alternative wood blinds now have a common standard valance so consumers can mix wood and alternative wood blinds throughout the hourse and maintaina consistent decorative look.

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Provenance Bamboo Shades by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Provenance™ Woven Wood Shades

Provenance® woven wood shades add a warm, rich dimension to any room, whether they're hanging flat in the fully lowered position or raised, creating even, overlapping folds. Their appearance is relaxed and inviting, perfectly complemented by total functional reliability.
Year Introduced 2001
Skus Offered

65 fabrics

4 flat backings

34 edge bandings

14 trim styles

Awards Received

2001 WCMA- Product of the Year

2001 WCMA- Best New Style Concept

  • Rich assortment of natural materials: Bamboo, Bark, Reeds, Wood Slats and Grasses
  • Standard with a lined valance
  • Color-coordinated hardware
  • Classic option available with fabric off the front of the head rail for a clea, designer look
  • Motorization option allows remote operation
  • Clutch option with continuous cord available for easier operation of larger shades and enhanced safety for children and pets

Did you know?

We have purchased 2,983,200 feet of woven wood material since this product launched in 2001.

It takes one operator eight hours to weave one 60 foot roll of Rustica or Charleston fabrics.

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Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades are today's fashionable alternative to typical Roman shades. Made of soft, overlapping fabric- in both the ontoured and flat fold styles- they provide an intriguing look to any decor, and add texture and color to every window. Vigette Modern Roman Shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
What's NEW? Now Top Down/Bottom Up feature available on the Vignette® - Not available in the room darkening material.
Year Introduced 1994
Skus Offered


Awards Received

2009 Best New Style Concept

  • 11 distinctive fabrics
  • 95 fabric/color combinations
  • Traditional 3" and 4" contoured fold and Tailored 6" flat fold
  • EveScape™ room-darkening opacity available for every fabric and color
  • EasyRise™ continuous cord loop or UltraGlide lifting systems
  • EasyRise Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option available
  • Fits windows up to 140" x 120"
  • PowerRise with Platinum Technology
  • Accents by the Yard cut yardage

Did you know?

Vignette Modern Roman Shades are now available with the popular Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option.

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Designer Roller Screens and Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades are a traditional window covering with fashionable capabilities. Whether used alone with a cassette or paired with overtreatments, roller shades meet any decor demand ad opacity requirement. With cordless and motorized lifting options they are child safe and a great option for hard-to-reach windows. Drop and Roller Shades are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
What's New in 2014? Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Screen Shades now have 33% more fabrics for 2014 and have double the choices of any other manufacure in the marketplace. Customers tell us these are the most amazing fabrics that can cover a modern house to a Rustic house. Fabrics include room darkening, light filtering, Sheer and screen mesh or solar screens with all percentages of UV blockage ranging from 1% openness to 14% openness factors.The new operating system is UltraGlide which is a retractable cord and it's childsafe.
Year Introduced 1995
Skus Offered


Awards Received

2009 Best Environmental Product for GlacierScreen® Solar Shading Fabrics

2000 & 2003- WCMA Most Innovative Overall Design

2003- Best New Style Concept

  • Myriad of fabrics from Raw Silk to Suede, Grasscloth to Satin
  • Opacities from sheer to opaque
  • Fabric-covered cassette elimanates the need for overtreatments
  • Cordless lifting system is a great choice for homes with small children and pets
  • Motorized options include remote, wireless timer and wall switch
  • New bottom rod design balances the sleek look of the roller shade
  • New end cap design: beveled and flat in new colors
  • Wooden bottom slat provides a clean finish to the shade
  • Tape trim option- a 2" band of decorative tape is applied to the bottom of the shade

Did you know?

Many interior designers choose a roller shade as an artist's canvas, hand painting on the fabric.

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Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

Modern classics for the luster of life. Express yourself with a multitude of finishes in every hue imaginable. Built from our exclusive, spring-tempered alloy, Modern Precious Metals® blinds are built for durability and are perfect for contemporary styles and high-traffic households. Modern Precious Metal Blinds are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
Year Introduced 1946
Skus Offered

99 Reveal ™ 1", Lightlines ® 1", Decor ® 1"

65 Celebrity ® 1"

27 Reveal 2", Macro 2"

25 Lightlines 1/2", Decor 1/2"

Awards Received

2007 WCMA Product of the Year-Reveal with MagnaView

  • "Bounce-back" slats made from a exclusive, spring-tempered alloy for maximum resiliency
  • 1/2", 1" and 2" slat sizes
  • 1" models feature "valance-less" headrails
  • 2" models feature a decorative, color-coordinated valance
  • Reveal with MagnaView ™- offers twice the view-through of standard blinds
  • Lightlines® - routless design increases room darkening and offers a cleaner, finished appearance
  • Options include LiteRise® , PowerTilt ™ with Platinum ™ Technology, decorative tapes and cord tilt

Did you know?

The first commercialized aluminum blind was introduced by Hunter Douglas in 1946, the same year the bikini first hit the fashion scene.

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Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

The patented curved profile and unique shape of Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds creates a dimensional look that defines design. The cadence collection complements any decor, from contemporary to traditional, with the look of draped fabric. Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
Year Introduced 2003
Skus Offered

33 Cadence Motif

59 Cadence Impressions

Awards Received

2003 WCMA- Product Innovation Award

  • Cadence® Motif™ features 4 fabric styles with pattern and color on both sides of the curved louvers
  • Cadence Impressions™ features 10 classic styles
  • Left or right orientation to difrect light into the room
  • Collection features 3 coordinating and 5 matching fabrics
  • DualFold™ double-tiered valance complements the soft curves of the Cadence lovers

Did you know?

Fabric by the Yard program provides an opportunity to create custom accessories. You can even mix and match fabric patterns!

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Alouette® Lightlouvers

Alouette® LightLouvers combine the very best features of shutter, shades and blinds. Soft fabric louvers tilt like shutters, without a heavy frame; diffuse light like a shade, with the added benefit of light control; and lift like a blind, floating weightlessly into a tight stack.
Year Introduced 2003
Skus Offered


Awards Received

2003 Galaxy Award for Most Innovative Overall Design

  • Three operating systems
  • Optional fabric-covered valace
  • Louvers tilt 180 degrees
  • Fits windows up to 144" x 120"
  • Translucent and room-darkening fabrics available in all colors

Did you know?

Alouette LightLouvers have appeared in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Trust the Man, a 2006 contemporary romantic comedy starring Julianne Moore.

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Platinum Technology

Hunter Douglas continues to revolutionize window fashions with the introduction of Platinum ™ Technology, a powerful comination of line-of-sight and group window control all with the touch of a button. The best of technology at the height of simplicity.
  • 2009 Best Enhancement to existing technology honorable mention - Motorization Catagory
  • Remote works right out of the box- no programing necessary
  • Sae remore with Platinum Technology to control PowerRise® , PowerGlide® , PowerTilt ™ and hard-wired systems for Duette® honeycomb shades, Vignette Modern Roman Shades and Silhouette® window shadings
  • Fits windows up to 144" x 120"
  • Translucent and room-darkening fabrics available in all colors
  • Control window coverings individually or in user-defined groups
  • Upgrade any existing PowerRise or PowerGlide systems with the satellite receiver
  • New wall switch with Platinum Technology replaces old motorization kits for hard-wired systems
  • Up to two customer-defined intermediate positions using hard-wired switch
  • Easy integration of hard-wired systems with existing home automation systems
  • Operate up to two shade motors from a single hard-wired switch

Did you know?

The new remote control with Platinum™ Technology will operate new motorized shades right out of the box. Customers simply point the remote directly at the shade and press the Up/Down arrow button.

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