Motorization Accessories

Interior Accessories that can be added to Somfy® remote controls

1. Sunis Sun Sensor WireFree for Sun Control

2. Thermo Sunis WireFree Unit for Heat Control

3. Remote Controls that can operate up to 250 shades

4. Light Dimmers - Dim any light even if it doesn't have a dimmer

5. Add exterior awnings or exterior sunscreens to same remote as interior shades (Must be Somfy® Motors)

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Somfy® Thermo Sunis Indoor WireFree Sun Sensor

This battery powered wirefree thermo control unit is installed in your window. You set the temperature that you want the shades to open or close for maximum heat control.

Single Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings that cover upper windows and lower sliding glass doors help reduce heat gain and decrease the times your air conditioning unit with turn on during the day.

4 Retractable Awnings

The awning on the far left is at a different mounting level than the other 3 awnings but they all have the same pitch. In addition, if a wall is pushed back 3 feet and you want 2 retractable awnings that extend to the same projection the awning that is on the wall that is pushed back can have a longer projection so both retractable awnings have the same projection.

Retracted Retractable Awning

This is how a retractable awning will look when retracted.
Furniture can get in the way when opening shutters. Large windows may have a T-post which can interfere with your total viewing area of the window.

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