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Clear View is the ONLY screen door on the market that has a Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer so the front bar retracts slowly!

Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors, Front Doors, Sliders, Single Garage Doors (door from garage to house), Double Doors and Single Doors.

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We have professionally installed thousands of Clear View retractable screen doors in Orange County. Out of the thousands of retractable screen doors that we have installed we have not had one warranty claim for any parts that were defective or that broke prematurely. There are seven retractable screen door manufacturers worldwide, but Clear View is the ONLY screen door on the market that has a Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer so the front bar will not accelerate back like other brands.

We have researched the entire retractable screen door market extensively and have determined that Clear View Retractable Screen Doors are the best in engineering, aesthetics, performance and longevity when properly installed. Not all installations are the same. There are 24 steps for installing a single door and 47 steps for installing a double door and all steps are critical for a retractable screen door to operate smoothly for many years. We are certified Clear View installers with extensive training in all types of applications. We come out to your house so we can show you how a retractable screen door will fit on your specific door and we can show you why it is the best engineered retractable screen door on the market.

Yelp Review

Jason T. of Ladera Ranch 1-13-2013

We live in Covenant Hills in Ladera Ranch and just recently had Steen at South County Window Coverings install some retractable screen doors. From the start, we found Steen to be both very knowledgable and helpful, not only of his products but also in some of the common pitfalls existing in the marketplace. Having spoken with some of our neighbors that had retractable screen doors, we knew what we did and didn't want going into the process. Most notably was a product that didn't slam shut. Having young kids, we wanted to ensure we didn't end up having a safety incident. We researched Home Depot and several other local options but I will tell you. . . hands down Steen and South County Window Coverings have the absolute best product on the market. The "Clear View Retractable Screen Door" had all of the features we desired including the slow closing/glide mechanism. Last but not least, we very much appreciated the level of communication provided by Steen. I find this a very hard quality to find in contractors today and his over communication was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend South County Window Coverings and the Clear View Retractable Screen Door.

What is the difference between the retractable screen doors at The Home Depot or Lowes?

Quality, Quality, Quality
Our retractable screen door has the strongest front bar in the industry so it slides back and forth trouble free year after year and comes with a lifetime warranty. The end fittings on the front bar attach over and around the tracks so they cannot come off like other brands. Our sill adaptors that attach to bottom of the threshold have matching colors so it blends. Most home store screen doors use silver sill adaptors which do not match 95% of the thresholds.

The installation is Critical
This is what I here from people who tried to install it themselves - "My husband tried installing a retractable screen door from one of the home stores and it took him 3 hours and the thing is still not working right". So basically he spent 3 hours of his weekend trying to install a low quality screen door. Don't waste your weekends trying to save a buck. Call us, we install them everyday.

You cannot get the screen material repaired if it rips
The Home Depot or Lowes retractable screen door brands have no local support. If you need to re-screen the door, you will have to buy a new retractable screen door. These screen doors use special constructed screen material so they can slide into a beaded track on the front bar. You cannot use traditional screen material for a window screen to replace the screen.

5 IMPORTANT POINTS as to why Clear View is better than all retractable screen doors

Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer
Clear View Retractable Screen Door is the only screen door on the market with a patended speed reducer that allows the front bar to retract at a safe speed without accelerating - See Video.

Architectial Powder Coating
Clear View has the best powder coating in the retractable screen door industry. Powder coating is very important because this is what the top and bottom end fittings run on back and forth every time you use the screen door. Further, our sill adaptors are what you walk on every time you walk through the door and that also has the best powder coating in the industry.

Aluminum plate that fully encloses screen material on roller tube
Other brands leave the screen material and roller tube fully exposed which allows the screen material to come out of the track during retraction. Our aluminum plate helps guide the screen material back in the housing unit so it stays aligned properly on the roller tube. In addition, the aluminum plate also improves the aesthetics of the screen door so you will never see the roller tube exposed.

Durable Heat Welded Screen Material
Heat welding on screen material has been around for over 20 years and has a proven track record of strength. Other companies sew the screen material which can come apart prematurely.

Properly installed rails so screen will not fray
Most companies do not install the rails correctly so fraying of the screen material will not occur. Since we have installed thousands of retractable screen doors, we know that the rails must touch the housing unit so the screen material will have the longest life possible.

Fits all doors!

frontdoor singledoor frenchdoor
Single Front Door Single In-Swing Door Double French Door

Screen Doors are retracted on both doors in above picture
Both Screen Doors are in Use in above picture
The french doors on the right have a single retractable screen door due to it is less than 80" tall and less than 48" wide.

Benefits of Clear View Retractable Screen Doors

New Improved End Fittings for the Smoothest Gliding Screen Door on the Market
Nylon components sliding on powder-coated rails makes this the smoothest gliding trouble free screen on the market.

Sill Adaptor
Nothing will be removed from your current door or threshold. In order to increase the longevity of the screen door, this product requires a sill adaptor that is designed to protect the bottom track from being crushed. The sill adaptor and bottom track will match the color of your current threshold.

Retractable Screen
Screen is tucked away in a housing unit when not in use.

UV resistant Nylon components
Nylon components are heat and UV resistant which will increase the longevity of the product.

Powder Coated Frame
UV resistant and 4 times thicker than regular painted screen door frames.

Screen Material Choices
Black screens are more noticeable and good for high traffic doors. Gray Screens are easier to see outward, but much more visible from the outside of the house. Pet mesh is available. Now we also carry a white screen which provides privacy during the day due to it is very difficult to see in the house from the outside.

Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer
Only screen door that Front bar will not accelerate back like other brands.

Ergonomic Handles
Our handles give you a chance to get a firm grip so you can control the front bar. Some brands have handles that are not screwed in and will move around.

Insect Resistant
Nylon components that attach to the top and bottom tracks wrap around the track to prevent insects from entering your residence.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime warranty on all parts and mechanisms, but excludes the screen material.

Made in the U.S.A.
This allows about a 1-week installation time from the date you order and decreases the possibility of backordering waiting like some screens made overseas.

Low Maintenance
Clean tracks and spray silicone on tracks twice a year.

How are we different in the Retractable Screen Door business?

Before South County started selling and installing retractable screen doors, we looked very carefully and critically at every retractable screen door on the market and realized that there really is only one high quality long lasting screen door that we would consider selling and installing. Clear View Retractable Screen Doors is the answer and are the best disappearing screen doors on the market today. We also learned that besides the engineering of the screen door there are different installation techniques that make or break the longevity of the screen door. Basically, this product is only as good as the installation. Then we contacted the manufacturer to train our owners and installers on the best installation in the industry. Today, South County has installed thousands of retractable screen doors and is confident they provided their customer's with the best screen door on the market so they will be able to enjoyed it for many years…and we are very proud of that.
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